Kip is the Lead pastor and founder of Emmaus Church. He is a committed follower of Christ who's passionate about his family; and he's as normal as your next-door neighbour (but only if that's a good thing).

Pastor of Emmaus Church in Burlington. Kip Philp


Kip Philp was born in North Bay, Ontario, where he lived until he was 10 years old, at which time his family moved to Holland Landing, Ontario, a small community North of Newmarket. He spent much of his teenage years addicted to drugs and alcohol. Kip accepted Jesus at the age of 17, following a near-death experience with drugs, and he has never looked back!

Kip has been in full-time ministry since 1993. During this time he has pastored in 5 different churches, and served in a wide variety of ministries. These experiences have given him a well-rounded view of overall church ministry and operation. His passion is to see lives transformed one step at a time as people learn to walk with Jesus in the real world.



Kip is the founding pastor of Emmaus Church in Burlington, ON. He believes that church should be practical, creative, fun and exciting; as the most important message deserves the most dynamic presentation. He strives to make church a place that’s not only for church peopleA?, but also for anyone who wants to seek God (regardless of where they are in their spiritual journey).A�

Kip and his wife Shanni have 3 amazing children: 2 sons, Tanner and Seth, and one daughter, Kaylie.